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Rachel Nichols To Show Breasts And Butt In Conan Movie

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

hot rachel nichols nude

Rachel Nichols just got the lead female role in Marcus Nispel’s upcoming Conan movie. The hottie just confirmed the casting on her Twitter. Rachel will be playing Tamara, a beautiful and studious girl who has lived her life at a monastery. Every Conan story needs a badass warrior chick, so I’m glad they’ve got this one.  Expect Rachel to show off her butt and boobs in the upscoming sword and sorcery epic.

hot rachel nichols cleavage

And here we present to you Rachel Nichols, the hottie who played Scarlett in G.I. JOE, showing you her sexy side offscreen! Rachel certainly fired up the fanboys as Scarlett in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra so I’m sure a few will pop in to see her in action when the new Conan movie comes out. Rachel also played the red headed Orion woman Cadet Gaila in the latest Star Trek film. If you want to see more Rachel Nichols naked photos, just click on the link.

hot rachel nichols boobs

Rachel will definitely make quite a sight for all her male fans. Just like what this sexy picture of her does to the viewer. The photo makes the viewer think of hot and steamy nights full of wonderful sex with this stunning girl. It also makes the viewer lust for Rachel and makes him think of wild and  kinky things to do with her.